The Walking Dead: Here's Every Single Death Of The Walkers And Humans From Season 5

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. If you haven't seen season 5 of The Walking Dead then you won't want to click play on this video, as there are spoilers aplenty. Featuring as it does seven minutes of carnage detailing every character and zombie splattering from the latest season.

Seeing all the mayhem and bloodshed condensed like this reminds you what coldblooded killers Rick's group, and particularly Rick, has become. And it also reminds you of the gruesome yet awesome zombie deaths that happen any which way.

Season 6 seems so long away that it doesn't bear thinking about so you might find yourself coming back to this video and playing it on loop. No one will judge you for it as it has everything you could possibly want for your dark needs when it comes to The Walking Dead.

Whether it's a flare to the head or Daryl's epic triple takedown with a chain or Noah's horribly gruesome demise, they're all here for you to pick your fav, you sick monster.


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