Hero 4-Year-Old Foils Babysitter's Robbery Plot

And they would've got away with it, if it wasn't for that pesky kid. When 4-year-old Abby's babysitter tried to stage a robbery at her home in Ferndale, Wash. and then blame the neighbor, little Abby was having none of it.

In what might have been the dumbest decision of her life the 17-year-old babysitter orchestrated her boyfriend and another guy to come rob the home, telling Abby to “get out of the house cause they wanted to steal stuff.” Then those heartless swines stole her iPod and her kitty bank.

When the cops showed up the babysitter told them some black guys, one of whom looked like the neighbor, stole the stuff. But, while police were questioning the neighbor Abby piped up and said the crims had white skin.

And their fate was sealed. As for Abbey, she deserves her own superhero cartoon on Nickelodeon.

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