Portsmouth High School Graduation Ceremony Turns Into A 230-Plus 'Shake It Off' Flash Mob

Being a valedictorian is a pretty hard gig, not only do you have the responsibility of closing the graduation ceremony with a farewell statement, but many a fine person has come before you and pulled off an incredible performance.

To 'up' your game and be remembered you're gonna need the some serious help from a serious person, with a serious song, someone like Taylor Swift.

Swift may be in the news for calling out Apple for being miserly and pretty damn lame for not paying artists for the three month free trial they're offering on Apple Music, but here's something she definitely didn't collect any royalties for (yet anyway).

At the Portsmouth High School commencement ceremony valedictorian Colin Yost was delivering his speech to the gathered students and ended with the line "all you have to do is shake it off."

This was the cue for Taylor Swift's song to come on the speakers and Yost's 230-plus classmates sat in the audience to turn into a "Shake It Off" flashmob.

The flashmob had been planned by Yost and the students beforehand, they must have practicing and rehearsing extremely hard for a long time to get it just right because the result was seriously worthy.

"I’ve always wanted to do a flash mob and I thought graduation would be the perfect place because our class is very cohesive and doesn’t really have a lot of cliques." Yost told MTV.

Let's just hope Swift doesn't see it and sue their asses for copyright infringement.


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