'Hobo Clown King' And Self-Proclaimed Idiot Jeff Seal Tries To Hop The Freight Train To Montauk

Jeff Seal wants to get from Queens in New York City to Montauk, which might not seem like such a big deal. But the thing is, Jeff wants to get there a specific way--the hard way--by way of hopping freight trains.

He's been trying to do this journey for the last few years, and he's been hopping freight trains for even longer.

Why Montauk? Well, he says it's somewhere he's never been and he's just set himself a mission to get there. "I hadn't ever been there or anywhere in Hamptons and I thought riding in a freight train would be a cool way to see it for the first time." he says.

And he's been filming his attempts too, so after his latest one he put together this video showing his adventures and explaining why hopping freight trains is so much fun. Although he also notes that it's very dangerous too.

"If you're very careful and you know what you're doing, you should be fine." he notes. "That said, I want to stress you really need to know what you're doing. Before I hopped a train for the first time, my friend sat me down and told me all the dangers involved and how to do it safely. And he was with me the first time showing me how to do it." However, Jeff does have a habit of getting caught a lot.

Because just in case you didn't know, hopping a freight train is actually a criminal offence and the people who run the railroads really don't like people getting away with taking a free ride. Jeff knows this only too well, which is why it's probably why it's an exciting thing for him to do.

So, does Jeff make it to Montauk? Watch the video and find out.


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