'Hoo Ba Ba Kanda'—Televangelist Robert Tilton Gets Remixed By Pogo Into A Catchy Dance Track

Pogo (aka musician Nick Bertke) has been celebrated for many years on the internet for his whimsical music remixes of Disney movies and TV shows, cutting and splicing dialogue and sounds from the films into fanciful medleys.

To show how adept and badass he is at creating great songs from pretty much any footage, in his latest video he uses the voice of televangelist Robert Tilton.

Tilton is a man known for being a false preacher and scam artist, so he's not remembered with the fondest of memories.

But, in an act of creative inspiration Pogo creates the foot-tapping dance song "Hoo Ba Ba Kanda" from Tilton's clapping and inane mutterings.

And it's quite something.

It's probably the greatest thing to happen to his career since, well, since forever. It's really catchy.

Unlike Tilton's sermons.


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