Pogo's Back With Another Delightfully Charming Disney Remix

You may be—you really ought to be—familiar with remix artist Pogo's work. Pogo is musician Nick Bertke who hails from Perth, Australia and ever since he released his film sample remix of Alice in Wonderland many years ago, his remix videos—which use sounds and imagery from various films and then vocode them into a delightful melodies—have caused many people to go "Bro, you gotta check this out. Like, now!"

His tried and tested cut up technique is used again in new track "The Trouble" (above) which he calls "A Pogoism of music and voices from Disney films, with video made by Jeesh (Joshua Kershaw)." It's another wonderfully melodic track showcasing Pogo's talent for taking films and remixing their components into intricate audiovisual choral harmonies.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pogo's work (or even if you are familiar) we've picked our five favorite tracks of his, below.

1. "Alice"

2. "SquareBob SpongeMix"

3. "Lead Breakfast"

4. "Jaaam"

5. "Wishery"

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