This Is What An Hour's Worth Of Bird Flight Shown All At Once Looks Like

You can't help but watch this and not recall Hitchcock's The Birds, because it kindles the same kind of anxiety you feel when watching that. Namely, the terror from the skies and the fact that birds are everywhere and, you know, they have really sharp beaks and claws that could peck our eyes out—plus have you ever tried getting bird poo out of a wool coat? Terrifying.

In his video An Hour of Birds All At Once Parker Paul set his camera up to record an hour of footage of birds flying past his window. Then using the clear blue sky as a blue screen, he turned an hour's worth of bird flight into less than a minute of disturbing time-lapse footage.

While a distorted, slightly creepy version of Donna Summer’s "I Feel Love" fills your ears, hundreds of birds start swooping and fluttering into view. Then Parker cranks things up to eleven by having the birds fly in unnatural patterned formations—and there's something engrossing yet wholly unsettling about it all.

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