Lessons In Excellent Film-Making 101: How To Do Visual Comedy The (Edgar) Wright Way

Firing someone on a national holiday is not a particularly cool thing to do, but that's what Marvel did to British director Edgar Wright—Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz—when they didn't like they way he was bringing their character Ant-Man to the big screen.

It's a loss to us all that we'll never get to see Wright's vision, but hopefully he'll go on to do other projects where they appreciate his unique visual flair and general awesomeness.

Someone who does appreciate his talents is film obsessive Tony Zhou, whose video Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy details with a fanboy's passion the visual tropes, framing, sound FX and other tricks that Wright uses to make his movies so comedically kinetic and such a joy to watch.

So check out this master of his craft in the video above.

For more Edgar Wright filmmaking lessons, check out Slash Film's David Chen's discussion with the director about the art of the close-up, below.

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