Tattoo Regret: This Revealing Documentary Will Make You Think Twice About Getting Inked

Did you ever get a tattoo? Or did you ever get a tattoo that you then regretted when you got older and oh-so-wiser?

It’s something that happens all the time, because when you’re a young, hot-headed 18 year old, you’re certainly in a different frame of mind than you are when you’re a cold-hearted 40 year old. It's a fact of life, getting old might seem boring, but that's probably because you are thinking stuff like this trough before committing to it.

You have to be honest and admit to yourself that as you mature your views on aesthetic appreciation change dramatically and that the idea of getting the latest boyband, film, cartoon, choice of beer inked on your body for all eternity is probably not a good idea any more.

In this 10 minute doc by Cristina O'Connell, five different subjects are interviewed about tattoos they got when they were 18, 19, and 20, and they describe how differently they feel about them now.

It's essential viewing is you have not yet inked your body and are seriously thinking of taking the plunge.

And if you are still thinking seriously about it then for god's sake, get a decent bit of art to adorn your body, something like Niki Norberg's artwork, or maybe some cool 3D designs - Good luck on that first, big step.


20 year old director Cristina O'Connell is currently studying Photography and Film student at VCU, she shoots documentaries/narrative films/little fun video things for fun.

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