'I Am Alive' - A Hilarious Rick And Morty Remix Based On Sounds From Season 3 Episode 2

You've seen the episode, now it's time to listen to 'I Am Alive' a very funny Rick and Morty remix made from the sounds of season 3 episode 2, which is titled Rickmancing the Stone.

The Rick and Morty episode first aired on 30 July on Adult Swim after the long wait since 1st April and episode 1's surprise airing. In the second episode we follow permanently drunk and foul-mouthed brainiac scientist Rick, his grandson Morty, and granddaughter Summer as they embark on a Mad Max style adventure to escape the depressing reality of their parents—Beth and Jerry's—divorce.

On this Mad Max planet Deathstalkers are searching for Gasoline and destroying everything in that quest. After the death of one of their leaders, Summer takes up their culture, embracing it instead of dealing with the horror of her parents' break up. While Morty gets a jacked up arm pumped full of DNA.

From this musician Niklas Dahlstrand (who also goes by the name Chetero) crafted his very catchy Rick and Morty remix song. It uses the sounds from the episode and turns them into autotuned brilliance.

How Rick And Morty Remix 'I Am Alive' Originated

i am alive Rick and Morty remix 01.
Morty's DNA arm. Screenshot via YouTube / Chetero / Adult Swim

The title of the remix 'I Am Alive' is taken from a line Morty says and also features as the song's chorus. If you're a fan of the show, the song is definitely something that you'll want to listen to multiple times.

But don't worry if you want more. With season 3 well under way, Chetero has now made another Rick and Morty remix song using episode 3—that's right, the Pickle Rick episode. "I'M PICKLE RIIIIIIICK!".

Naturally he takes the line 'Pickle Rick' as the basis for this new Rick and Morty remix. And it's just as listenable as 'I Am Alive'.

Chetero originally posted the 'I Am Alive' Rick and Morty remix to Reddit where people wondered if he might do one each week for each new episode. "I hope you make one for every episode this season, this is so good." noted someone. "Thank you! I'm actually considering it... It's a pretty big commitment though!" he replied.

Let's hope he keeps it up, when it comes to a Rick and Morty remix you can never have enough. Check out the Pickle Rick remix below, and check out more from Chetero on his YouTube channel.

Pickle Rick! (Rick and Morty Remix)

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