"KILL IT WITH FIRE!"—Idiotic Man Burns Down House Trying To Kill Spider

Whatever stupid stuff you think you've done today, at least you've not done anything as dumb as this guy from Seattle. His Darwin Award-style actions saw him try to kill a spider in his laundry room by using a lighter and a can of spray paint.

As the spider ran away and tried to get into the wall, the man followed it with his makeshift flamethrower and, uh-oh, the wall caught fire. He tried putting it out with water but failed, so fled his home and called the fire service to come save what was left of it. Whoops.

"I'm pretty sure the spider did not survive this fire. The whole wall went." said one of the fireman. I like to think that it did survive and it'll turn up once his home is repaired, just to gloat.


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