Star Wars: The Imperial Forces Attack Los Angeles In Filmmaker Kaipo Jones Fan Made Short

First they came for the Rebel Alliance and now the Imperial Forces are attacking Los Angeles. This Star Wars invasion has come courtesy of filmmaker Kaipo Jones (he brought the world Magneto Cat), who shows TIE fighters, AT-ATs, even Star Destroyers laying waste to L.A.

As the Galactic Empire's military destroys everything in sight, the US Airforce struggles to keep them in check—meanwhile a Sith Lord surveys the chaos from the Hollywood Hills. Maybe they attacked because of all the alterations Lucas made on the original trilogy? Something's annoyed them.

As well as the sheer fun of seeing fictional spacecraft swooping over L.A., the film also contains more than 25 hidden Easter Eggs. If you haven't got time to look for them all, Jones runs through them in the video below.

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