Shark Vs Shark - Incredible Fight Between Two Great White Sharks Caught On Camera

Caught on camera by Adam Malskoff off the coast of South Australia's Neptune Islands 50 miles out to sea, two great white sharks do battle. This rare and lightning fast fight saw a larger great white, called Gilbert and measuring 4.8m long, attack a rival, smaller shark (who didn't want to reveal his name).

It's not known whether the attack was intentional or the larger shark was going for some bait trailing from a boat and saw the other shark in its line of attack.

Great whites are known to attack one another, although it is very rare, and sometimes even resort to cannibalism. Which was the probable explanation for this incident, when an electronic tag washed ashore with no sign of the shark it was tagged to.

In this more recent encounter the larger shark survived the attack but the smaller one has not been seen since, so it's not known if it survived.

Police were called to the scene, but by the time they arrived both of the perpetrator's were gone.


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