Don't Go In The Water: What Mysterious Sea Creature Ate An Entire 9-Foot Great White Shark?

Mythical sea monsters like the Kraken, Hydra or Leviathan are just that: mythical—but you'd be forgiven for thinking they might be real when you hear what happened to a great white shark in Australian waters. Great whites are pretty much the top dog predator of the sea who sit, boss-like, atop the food chain. So what kind of creature could consume a whole great white, gobbled up like it was a piece of sushi?

While out tagging great whites to study their movement, filmmaker Dave Riggs and his crew noticed that one of their tagged sharks, a fine specimen codenamed Shark Alpha (surely that's a rapper name waiting to happen), disappeared four months after they'd tagged it—its tag washed ashore with no sign of Shark Alpha in sight.

After analysing the data, it looked like the shark was dragged down into the continental shelf and then gobbled up by another larger, scarier, unknown animal. Holy. F#ck.

But before you cry, kill the ocean, kill it all! The mystery has been solved thanks to Gizmodo. It turns out what ate this shark is another shark, only one that was bigger and, presumably, more alpha.

A "colossal cannibal great white shark" that's 16 feet long and weighs two tons and eats nine feet long sharks for breakfast. Holy. F#ck.

Check out the explanation in the video below.

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