Killer Clowns—These Insane, Seriously Disturbing Scare Pranks Are Complete Nightmare Fuel

Lets face it, clowns in any shape or form are scary, but blood drenched clowns at night, wielding weapons, killing anyone who stands in there way, and looking at you as their next victim is not the kind of prank that you'd ever want to be party to. But that doesn't stop these guys getting their kicks out of doing it.

DM Pranks, run by Italian Matteo Moroni, is notorious for their over-the-top frightening horror pranks. Their most recent stunt took place in Las Vegas, where Moroni teamed up with Fright Dome, a haunted attraction at Circus Circus. And the results are seriously disturbing.

It involved killer psycho clowns, straight out of everyone's worst nightmare, terrifying and soiling the pants of the public. The clowns surprise people in a gas station where a fake murder victim lies on the floor. Or flag down two guys while driving a police car, then emerge carrying blood-drenched weapons and chase them down.

It's all brilliantly done, you'll just be glad it's being done to people that aren't you.

If you were wondering whether these pranks left the recipients requiring psychiatric treatment— surprisingly no, they come out of it OK. "They watched their reaction on the camera and probably had more fun than the viewers." Moroni told The Daily Mail. "Usually the people pranked turn into my most hardcore fans."

This is probably his best, but you can check out Moroni's previous killer clown pranks below. Just don't show them to anyone who suffers from coulrophobia.

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