'When There's No More Room In Hell'—Zombies Invade In This Evil Scare Prank

Matteo Moroni is the Italian prankster behind the masterful DM Pranks, a YouTube channel who likes to scare innocent people with terrifying killer clowns, Michael Myers, and hideous mutants. Oh yeah, and zombies.

Of course zombies. That's what their latest scare prank relies on which sees an invasion of the undead in a small town to spread panic, fear, and fright. How he pulls this off without causing mass panic is a miracle.

Or maybe thta was his intention all along?

The townsfolk react how anyone would react if you chanced upon some blood-salivating monsters crunching away on what appears to be a human corpse, or chasing you through the street, or trying to invade the local supermarket store. In fact they are everywhere.

They run. And scream. And run screaming.

It's enough to put you off going outside at night for life. You never know whether it could just be a really, really drunk person. Or a flesh-munching walker.

Where the heck is Rick Grimes when you need him.


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