Internet Comment Etiquette: A Tutorial On How To Properly Comment On Weed Channel Videos

When it comes to reasoned debate online, we could all do with learning some internet comment etiquette. And it just so happens that one man has taken it upon himself to make it his life's work to educate us on just that subject. That man is Erik Hoffstad and that education is actually satire. So you will laugh instead of learn.

Because Hoffstad (who once had a cameo in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) gives out free tutorials, albeit mock tutorials, on the correct and proper way to comment on various types of YouTube videos on his channel Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik. If you are going to completely crush someone, be a gentleman about it.

Hoffstad has been making these videos for the last five years delivering lessons to whoever's listening about, say, when it's appropriate to use CAPS LOCK. His tutorials are hilarious and actually make sense (sort of).

In this episode he tackles weed channels, that genre of YouTube videos that have people smoking bongs and getting stoned and recording themselves doing it. Usually for his Internet Comment Etiquette videos Hoffstad has a glass of red wine on the go to no doubt aide inspiration when it comes to commenting.

Appropriately for this episode he smokes a joint why he's making his comments. Because when in Rome.

Does Internet Comment Etiquette Guy Comment?

Sure this format might make for a hilarious video, but i'm sure we are all thinking 'he doesn't really comment, does he?" And you know what, you'd be wrong! He genuinely does comment too, see the comment below which you can find underneath Crutch 420's video titled "6 INCH DAB ON A 6 INCH DAB RIG!!!" in the video above.

Oh maaaaan dabskiiiieeeees! You got high as fuck, you're lucky youtube’s not a cop or else you'd be in marijuana jail right now. Which I guess is just regular jail you know the place we send an astronomical number of predominantly black youths in red states over nonviolent marijuana offenses. So that racist rednecks can feed them and house them with their tax dollars while also simultaneously compromising any chances these kids have at securing a normal career once their time’s been served only for those same racist rednecks to complain about the government giving them handouts when nobody wants to hire someone with a criminal record.

There you go. As to whether by the end of the video your Internet Comment Etiquette will be improved, that's up to you to practice. But you'll certainly have been entertained either way.

Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik Hoffstad tackles weed channels - 98.
Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik Hoffstad tackles weed channels

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