Irishman's Dazzles His Friends With Impressive Story-Telling Trick Involving A Whole Deck Of Cards

An Irishman has impressed his drinking buddies and millions of people across the world with a card trick that uses the entire deck. Dave Duggan performed the trick for some drinkers in a local pub in Co Cork, Ireland where he lives—and it's impressive to watch, even without a glass of beer in hand.

The trick is known as '673 King Street' and was created by Australian magician James Galea.

It involves someone shuffling the cards and then telling a story with them that involves the entire deck. So along with slight-of-hand you'll probably need a bit of the old Irish charm to pull it off.

You can watch Duggan perform it in the video above, which was originally posted to The Lad Bible's Facebook page where it's amassed over 5 million views.

Galaea himself has acknowledged Duggan's performance, commending him for his ability to do it drunk.

In case you wanted to learn the trick yourself to perform drunkenly when the mood takes you, check out the tutorial video below. But don't tell anyone it's not magic'.

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