#12ChimpsofChristmas Is A Much Needed Festive Fecal-Throwing Antidote To That Trampolining Dog

It's the festive season and that means it's time for the saccharine-coated commercials to come and overindulge you in a wonderland of sentimentality. However, if you were looking for an antidote to all that, then look no further than this video which features the fecal-throwing 12 Chimps of Christmas (that's #12ChimpsofChristmas for all you social gurus who can't wait to spread the Christmas cheer).

These curious creatures break into an Oddbins store—the British wine and alcohol retail chain—in the dead of night to drink fine wines and make merry like its the office Christmas party. Then when the manager turns up in the morning to catch them working their way through his stock, they throw crap in his face.

It's this year's festive advert from Oddbins and follows in their tradition of using oddball animals in very quirky, unconventional videos. Last year's had a bizarre fox teaching the joys of Christmas.

While throwing feces at someone isn't entirely appropriate behavior, although these are chimps so it's not entirely out of character, you can understand them wanting to drink some of the finest wines you can buy on the high street—even if their method is eccentric.

"While the video might seem ridiculous, it conveys a deep and profound message, the details of which escapes me right now." said Oddbins marketing manager Lyndsey Gibbons, "However the basic gist is that everybody who loves wine should give a crap this Christmas and be discerning in their choices."

So, yeah, remember what's important this Christmas: some decent wine to sup throughout the yuletide period.

12 Chimps of Christmas_ Mugshot

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