Is Your Brain Ready For 'SpongeMen SquareWatch'?

Imagine if the cast of SpongeBob met Alan Moore’s Watchmen and they morphed together to become one!

That’s what animator El Cid has done with his take on these two disparate universes that have come together because he probably got really stoned one day and thought what a brilliant mashup idea it would be.

And it turns out to be a really great idea, the sort of idea that needs to be made into a TV show. Pronto.


About El Cid (Rodrigo Huerta):
Rodrigo is a former DreamWorks animator and Fox board director/writer. He now focuses on producing his own shorts and he also wears pants.

In Collaboration With:
Hans Van Harken: www.youtube.com/user/almightyhans

Brian Sadler: www.briansadler.org/

Animation & Art:
Jenny Stout: jennystoutdesign.com/
Cal Moray

Elizabeth Freeman: www.youtube.com/user/missbunniswan
Emily Craft: thrssomuchblood.tumblr.com/

Make up:
Samantha Nalchajian: www.facebook.com/SamanthaNalchajianMakeUpArtist
Carley Cooper: www.facebook.com/carleydoesmakeup

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