Get Ready For Crazy Claymation Chaos In 'Quentin Tarantino’s Ghostbusters: Vol. 3'

'Lee Hardcastle, who is he?', i hear some of you ask, well if you've never seen some of his amazing claymation shorts before you are in for one heck of a surprise/shock/sickness-inducing video loaded with blood and slime.

This time around Lee turns his claymation skills to imagining what Ghostbusters might be like if Quentin “Muthaf*cking” Tarantino stepprd up to the plate and directed it. And the result is this re-imagined trailer for one of the best films you will never get to see.

The superb result is a group of tough-talking, shade-wearing ghost hunters who aren’t afraid to drop profanities in every other word they use.

It even stars Harold Ramis, who returns from the dead--and becomes a blonde.


About Lee Hardcastle and his claymation techniques:
26 year old Lee, originally from Lofthouse (UK), studied at the Northern Film School at Leeds Metropolitan University and by his own admittance wasn't the most sociable type, finding that he preferred working alone.

Without having to rely on others, Lee was able to dedicate hour after hour to making his clay creations. The process can really takes its toll and needs lots of concentration and single-mindedness to come up with a finished piece of film.

"Sometimes you can be hard at it all day just to produce four seconds of film. I suppose some people would get frustrated at such a slow pace but I guess when you're dedicated to your work, it's easier."

"Mistakes can ruin a whole day's filming, but the rewards are there when you can view the finished article and the hard work can be seen."

"I guess I must have watched quite a lot of gore and horror films as a youngster and I think clay animation can give them a fresh look, and perhaps a sense of humour that was missing before."

Lee hasn't always worked in clay, though. He worked for film companies in Soho for three years and even had a short film, shot on Super 8, shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

"I got fed up of working on other people's films and I guess needed to do my own stuff and when the time came my love for clay animation like all the Aardman stuff led me in that direction."

"Luckily, modern online video sites make it much easier to showcase your work. You don't have to keep shoving your foot in the door trying to pitch something. Producers and distributors are constantly perusing the web looking for ready-made talent and it means that audiences will be more aware of your work as well."

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