Jay-Z Defends Tidal On Twitter, Internet Responds By Mocking Him And The Service #TidalFacts

It's not easy being a multi-millionaire in the music industry nowadays, thanks to Spotify, which is stopping them from becoming even richer than they already are. So needs must and other streams of revenue must be sought. Hard times, hard times indeed.

So Jay-Z and fellow top tier musicians showcased Tidal recently, a music service that he bought and rebranded which lets you stream CD-quality songs for a subscription fee. Since it's announcement, however, it's not had the best of times.

Not only has there been a backlash and lots of negativity saying it's too expensive, but it's also lost staff (including its former CEO) and subscriptions haven't been as high as they'd hoped. So, at the weekend Jay-Z took to twitter to defend his new venture against the haters using the hashtag #TidalFacts.

Here's a few of those tweets.

And so on. But this being twitter, people weren't just going to let Mr Carter get away with creating a hashtag without it getting hijacked for them to air their opinions and mock him. So mock him they did.

And, as is the unwritten internet law in these type of circumstances, someone created a parody account called @FakeTIDALFacts. Read a selection of some of the best ones below.

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