It's Time To Stop The Unnecessary Suffering Of These Poor Multi-millionaire Musicians #Spotify

Sure there might be impoverished children suffering somewhere on the planet. There might be war and famine and the urgent need to provide the world's poor with clean water. But that's not where your sympathies should lie. Instead think about these musicians.

Musicians who are only multi-millionaires, not multi-multi-millionaires. And that's thanks to Spotify, which is stopping them from becoming even richer than they already are. It's a difficult time for these poor souls and something that is not getting the media coverage it deserves.

But don't despair for these maltreated music folk, there's something you can do to help them and that's Tidal. Look into your heart.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Just like this parody video, which posits the new music streaming service Tidal from Jay-Z and friends like it's a charity video pleading with you to give generously to help starving orphans.

Please give generously. You know it makes sense.


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