Jack Black And Jimmy Fallon Do A Shot-For-Shot Video Remake Of 90s Ballad 'More Than Words'

Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to performing cover versions of hit songs, like his spot-on Neil Young impersonation, it was so good it was difficult to tell him apart from the real thing.

But now with the help of Jack Black he's taken things to the next level with this shot-for-shot remake alongside 'Mr. School of Rock' performing Extreme's "More Than Words" video. And the results are simply amazing.

From the long hair to some epic, epic facial expression to a guy sitting in an arm chair holding a lighter in the air, Black and Fallon leave no stone unturned in their quest to mimic the ridiculous nature of the original vid.

And watching it like this makes you realise just how ridiculous it was—but, hey, it was 1990. The world was ours.

The Hubble Telescope had just launched, the world wide web was literally being created, and rock band power ballads were music pop culture at its finest.

To see just how accurate Black and Fallon's version is, check out the original below.

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