'Online Harassment' - John Oliver Tackles Internet Abuse In The Latest Episode Of 'Last Week Tonight'

The internet's a dangerous place. In his latest episode of Last Week Tonight John Oliver tackles one of the uglier sides of life online, the threats and harassment people experience especially women and how we are all vulnerable to some degree if we are not careful.

The episode sees Oliver explore everything from how revenge porn destroys lives to the violence aimed at women on social media and at times the reports are shocking.

As well as listening to stories from people who have been harassed, Oliver also looks at the US legal system and the police—expounding on how both are currently inadequate to deal with online abuse.

And it's not just that legal system needs overhauling, often police forces have no idea what the medium—say Twitter—where the abusive behaviour and deaths threats take place, is, "That's a problem," says Oliver, "because the police cannot investigate a crime if they genuinely don't understand the medium in which it happened."

As well as tackling a complex subject in a digestible manner, Oliver manages to throw some very funny moments (and a Rickroll) into the piece, which ends with a hilarious parody of an AOL commercial from 20 years ago.

So browse carefully people and remember, don't talk to strangers online. Or come to think of it, people you know too. Oh, and watch out for Rickrolls.


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