Jon Snow Becomes The Leeroy Jenkins of Game Of Thrones In This Hilarious Mashup

Last Sunday saw Game of Thrones thrill fans, and give them the justice they craved, with the "Battle of the Bastards" episode. It saw Jon Snow and his ragtag bunch of wildings, a giant, and some sympathizers from the North take on Ramsey Bolton's much larger army.

It was a battle for Winterfell and if you don't know how it played out already then you probably don't care. One thing is certain though Jon Snow makes a terrible commander, his actions clouded by instinct and passion rather than strategy and cleverness.

As such he seemed to remind one YouTuber of a certain viral video legend, Leeroy Jenkins and Jenkins' own ill-thought out charge while playing World of Warcraft.

YouTube user The Blind Editor has mashed up audio from Jenkins' raid with footage of Snow's rash and near-suicidal attempt at taking down Ramsey's men.

The result is something that fits, well, almost too perfectly—it makes you wonder that maybe somewhere in the back of their minds the showrunners were thinking of Jenkins' classic viral video in terms of Jon's actions.

Jumping straight from the frying pan and into the fire.

Battle of the Bastards

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