'Dicking Around' - Kansas State Marching Band's Halftime Performance Looked Like A Giant Phallus

It was meant to be a halftime performance showing the Starship Enterprise attacking the Kansas Jayhawks mascot but, um, it didn't really turn out like that. Instead it looked like, well, let your imagination run wild won't you.

The idea was that the Kansas State Marching band would form the Jayhawks mascot and the Starship Enterprise with the latter attacking the former. But instead the Enterprise just looked like a giant penis going into the mouth of the mascot. Oh my.

Reporting on the event the New York Post said, "The controversy erupted after Saturday’s space-themed halftime show during the team’s home opener against South Dakota. One formation featured the Kansas State band forming the University of Kansas mascot and a phallic-looking Starship Enterprise (from “Star Trek”) crashing into it."

But something obviously went very wrong.

Naturally people thought of the children and it caused some upset. So much so that Kansas state, according to the New York Post, will have to pay a $5,000 fine.

"The university says it decided to pay the self-imposed fine after the Big 12 Conference warned of potential sportsmanship and ethical conduct violations." the Post says. It also reports that university officials will now approve all future halftime shows. Probably for the best.

Marching band director Frank Tracz has apologised and caused it all a "misinterpretation"—yeah "misinterpretation," riiiight.

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