KFC's 'Double Down Hot Dog' Disaster - A Dubious Looking Hot Dog Wrapped In Fried Chicken

It's a decision we all face at some point in our lives: do you want a hot dog? Or some fried chicken? Hot dog? Chicken? Well now you no longer need to make that decision, because KFC have combined the two of them together to create the Double Down Dog.

The only problem is that the end result looks like some kind of mutant experiment gone wrong and when not looking at the beautifully retouched promo-photos and seen in real life the melted cheese on the wiener looks overtly sexual in nature, but not in a good way.

Following on from their Double Down sandwich which featured bacon and cheese in between two pieces of fried chicken, Double Down Dog places a hot dog slathered in cheese and honey mustard inbetween fried chicken instead of a bun. M'mm that is a tasty heart attack.

Yep. This exists. But it's only available at KFCs in the Philippines for now, and they're only serving 50 of them a day. Which is a shame, because I was going to try and eat a 100.

This Frankenstein's monster of a fast food creation looks quite different in real life than it does from the promotional material. It looks...gross.

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