Kids Tell Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity — And, Of Course, It's Totally Awkward

Parents and kids talking sex is always awkward, so discussing losing your virginity is going to be especially cringeworthy and embarrassing. Now, imagine informing your parents of that but doing it on camera, while also answering a bunch of personal questions. And then imagine releasing it online so the whole internet can watch.

That's essentially the premise behind this new video from Cut Video who have a long history of placing kids and parents together to do awkward stuff. Be it smoking weed together or discussing the birds and the bees.

But perhaps this tops both of those, just in terms of sheer, why? Why would you want to discuss losing your virginity with your parents? Still, it does make for entertaining viewing.

And it's made even more so because the moms and dads approach the topic of virginity by first trying to guess when their kids had sex for the first time. When one mom guesses that her daughter was maybe just 14 years old, the kid gets pretty offended—which is understandable. Another mom guesses it happened at homecoming to which the daughter replies, "Yeah...no, that wasn't the first time." Awkward.

Telling Your Parents How You Lost Your Virginity

losing your virginity 01.

While this line of questioning certainly ups the cringe factor, what it also does is work in terms of breaking the ice. Because after the initial horror, conversation does begin to open up. And, although at first awkward, it seems like for a lot of these kids and parents it's the first time they're actually openly talking about sex with each other.

Which can only be a good thing really, right?

And it also presents the parents with the opportunity to dig a little deeper about how their first sexual experience went. For instance they're keen to know if protection was used. One dad even wants to know if toes were sucked.

They weren't.

All in all it pans out pretty much how you might expect. It's awkward, funny, emotional, and as the conversation becomes more open it ends with the kids wondering about how and when the parents lost their virginity.

Which, funnily enough, was released as a video online a few days after. You can check out the parents' responses below. And check out more videos from Cut Video at their YouTube page.

Turning The Tables On The Virginity Loss Talk

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