100 People Share Their Best Pick Up Lines & They Turn Out To Be Corny & Hilarious

Pick up lines are important because first impressions can last, which means when it comes to applying your chat-up technique it pays dividends to make sure you have a few memorable ones handy. Of course it's easier said than done, which is why you might appreciate this latest offering from Cut Video.

It all makes for compelling viewing seeing people reveal personal details and behavior patterns. Previous videos from their YouTube channel have seen kids reveal to their parents when they lost their virginity, along with parents telling kids about the birds and the bees, and kids and parents smoking weed together for the first time.

And in that spirit of encompassing all ages, and people from all walks of life, this latest video about pick up lines asks all kinds of people what their go-to ice breaker is. Not everyone uses pick up lines either, one guy just says, "Usually I just whip my dick out and it's a wrap." Let's hope he's joking.

Not Everyone Uses Cheesy Pick Up Lines

pick up lines 01.

Other people however use more conventional techniques when it comes to the art of the chatting-up someone, and their pick up lines range from the strange ("You're so hot when you eat bread you poop toast.") to the cliched ("I swear I've seen you somewhere before.") to the daft ("Are you from Tennessee? Cos you're the only 'ten' I 'see.'") to the graphic ("You have a nice jawline, looks sturdy enough to sit on.")

Other examples given are just downright bizarre, like the strange pick up line "You look crispy," or the just plain awkward "You're a very nice lady and I would like it if you came over, um, to my mom's house and maybe we could have a sandwich?" Riiight.

Most of them are delivered with a smile though, because let's face it. No one really takes pick up lines seriously. Even if someone is using them while out looking to hook up, it's usually said as a joke to break the ice.

There is one out and out hero of this video though, a lady who replies when asked her favorite pick up lines, "I'm old and married, I don't pick up anything but, like, dirty clothes."

Check out more from Cut Video on their YouTube page.

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