Watch Parents Explain Masturbation To Their Kids, Which Is Embarrassing For Everyone

The subject of masturbation is not one any parent looks forward to discussing with their kids, and the kids certainly don't even want to go there. Which is exactly why it's the focus of the latest video from WatchCut, a YouTube channel who have previously given us kids telling their parents when they lost their virginity and kids and parents getting stoned together. This latest effort tops even those though in terms of sheer cringing.

Because, although masturbation is a subject that in an ideal world would be discussed openly and without embarrassment, that's not actually the case. Which makes watching the video a somewhat wince-worthy experience. It's something all parents know they have to approach with their children at some time in their development, just as long as that time isn't today, or tomorrow, or next week/month/year.

But all credit to everyone involved for doing it, especially the kids who soldier on through it all. Not without holding their heads in their hands or giggling at times, asking very direct question, as you would, when their parents are delivering the details of what constitutes masturbation—but generally they deal with it all very well.

When Parents Explain Masturbation To Their Kids

Watch Parents Explain Masturbation To Their Kids 01.

Masturbation talks are not a public affair, especially considering the whole thing is being filmed AND that a whole bunch of adult toys get brought out too. At that point as a kid, I would get up and leave. But no, these kids sit through it all. One kid even learns that what he thought was his mom's back massager is nothing to do with massaging her mom's back. "I really thought that was a back massager." he says, astonished and disappointed.

Of course being open and forthcoming about masturbation is not something to be criticized, it's just it's hard to watch when it's someone's mom explaining how to use a dildo. I don't think that things like dildos ever came up in the typical 'birds and bees' conversations that many of us had in our childhood. When did that change?

Have a watch and cringe your way through it. You'll probably find yourself pulling similar facial expressions as the kids. It might even take you back to your own youth having similarly uncomfortable conversations about masturbation. Which will probably make you grateful that that's all over now. Unless you are a parent of course.

See more WatchCut videos at their YouTube channel.

Parents Explain Masturbation - Reaction Video

Of course there will always be a Youtube reaction video to subject matter such as this, and for this 'Parents Explain Masturbation' video we had a hard time picking the best one, but we settled on Youtuber SomeBlackGuy's video as it feels appropriate and more like one of those DVD commentaries you get on a movie.

Even though you feel like you are watching it with someone, it's still very cringeworthy and awkward.

Watch Parents Explain Masturbation To Their Kids 02.

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