Exes Play A Game Of 'Truth Or Drink' And It Plays Out As Awkwardly As You'd Expect

How would you feel about meeting up with your ex? Do you still keep in touch? Have you not seen them since you split up? Do you cross the street to avoid them? Or maybe you still have feelings for them and wish it hadn't ended? Questions, questions.

But what if you both met up again, and even more scary, could ask each other some very personal questions about each other. Scary.

The last time Cut Video were making people feel awkward by playing "truth or drink" was when they were getting kids to ask their parents really embarrassing questions. Now they're doing the same with ex-girlfriends and boyfriends.

Meaning some willing participants sit down with a few bottles and take turns to ask each other questions, which range from relatively tame ones like "What did your friends and parents think of me?" to a bit more salacious ("Why did we break up? Cos You're an asshole.") to the NSFW (“Do I ever pop into your head when you’re masturbating?").

It's all good fun and no one breaks down and cries or talks about how their life ended for a few months after the breakup. In fact, they all seem to get along just fine.

Or is it all part of some big conspiracy, played out by actors to make us feel good about our exes? Somehow i'm not convinced this is realistic, especially when it comes to my past relationships. The horror.


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