Funny Voiceovers Are Added To Clips Of Wild Boars, Penguins, Butterflies And More

There are pretty much two types of animal clips that feature voice-overs. One is the nature documentary, with the hushed tones you hear in shows by the likes of David Attenborough talking about the majesty of blue whales mating or something.

The other is much, much more daft.

It equates to adding silly voices over clips of animals going about their business. There are no hushed tones here, just various humorous ones. Because lets face it, we all wish animals could talk.

And you won't be learning much about the animal kingdom other than crabs think of themselves as heartthrobs.

YouTube user Olan Rogers provides the voices, even giving us an insight into what bees think when they're supping up that sweet, sweet nectar.

It's basically what animals would be like if they were as neurotic, clumsy, and goofy as we are—losing sets of keys, worrying about a weird mark that's suddenly appeared on their bodies.

Which, well, they might actually be like, if we could see inside their minds and know what they were thinking.

Until science can provide us with such an answer, we can just have fun imagining they're talking in silly voices, just like in this video.


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