Like Take-Out Food? How About The Opportunity To Eat Free Take-Away Food Every Month

If you had to name it, what would be the best job in the world? Would you say rock star? Or maybe something like a water slide tester? How about professional sleeper? Quality control at a chocolate factory? Or how about chief taste tester for take-away food?

Could you tell your bhuna from your biryani? Can you properly pronounce that thing you really like from the Chinese and always order? Have you lost Snapchat friends for posting too many pics of pizza?

Well, if you're a student and you're hungry enough, you could land the role of 'unofficial' takeaway reviewer and Chief Taste Tester for Just Eat—the go-to place to order online from your local take-outs.

Once there you need to fill in an application form (don't worry, best food pun is one of the challenges) and then sit back, maybe order some food, and wait.

Just Eat will then choose six winners from different regions across the UK, each one can win £50 worth of takeaway per month until July 2016. That's right FREE FOOD.

And, of course, the chance to put Chief Takeway Food Tester on your CV.


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