Vulgar Display Of Cuteness: Little Baby Rocks Out To Heavy Metal Band Pantera On A Tiny Drumkit

Heavy metal band Pantera have a new, tiny baby fan and he goes by the name of Wyatt. And here is baby Wyatt rocking out (with a little help from his dad's hands) to the band's track "5 Minutes Alone" on a drumkit created from pencils and tin cans.

Written across his kit is the phrase "Vulgar Display of Cuteness," a play on Pantera's album Vulgar Display of Power. He's yet to learn how to throw the devil's sign by the looks of it, but there's still plenty of time to pick that up.

Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of baby Wyatt and his heavy metal drum solos. Plus, now you have a whole new search term to look for on YouTube, "Heavy metal baby drum solos."


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