This Little Boy Is Really UnHappy That His Mom Is Pregnant Again

There are basically two reactions that can happen when you tell a child that they'll be having a young bro or sis in a few month's time. This little boy's reaction went the way of him being pretty damn upset. "What were you thinking?!" he laments. "This is exasperating!"

So, yeah, not really that happy about it all. "This makes no sense!" he keeps repeating incredulously, torn over the fact that another human being will be vying for his parent's affection. And not just that, but they'll be a human being who cries an awful lot too.

"Well Tré," says the mom "I don't know what to tell you about the crying, you just gotta get used to it, OK?" "OK" Tré says before adding "And buy me some ear plugs."


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