Annoying Road Trip - Guy Drives Sister Completely Mad On A Seven Hour Lip-Syncing Car Journey

If you have a sibling you'll know the exquisite joy that can be experienced by annoying them in a jovial but affecting way. The guy in this video knows that only too well.

He and his sister went on a seven hour road trip, and he decided to spend most of journey lip syncing and singing along to guilty pleasure pop songs.

Road trips can be trying enough, but having to endure one while someone next to you enthusiastically sings throughout is a special kind of pain. You can tell its taken him years of dedicated practice and discipline to reach this level of sibling torture.

Just check out the look on this guy's sister's face—the fed up perma-expression, the side-eye, the complete and utter lack of amusement.

Of the seven hour trip the pair undertook, the brother spent around four hours miming along to tracks by the Spice Girls, Savage Garden, Enya, Blink 182, and many more.

His sister does exact revenge and gets him back right at the end though. She even manages to crack a smile.


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