Newlywed Couple's 'Drunk History' Is The Hilarious And Tipsy Rom-Com Story Of How They First Met

Mostly, the only people interested in how you and your partner met is you and your partner. But newlywed couple Justin Willman and his wife Jillian Sipkins decided to make the retelling of when they first cast eyes upon each other much more entertaining—by getting very, very drunk.

Taking inspiration from Comedy Central's Drunk History series, the pair set about getting wasted by drinking a bottle of whiskey, two bottles of wine, and some vodka. It's then and only then that they begin their tale, which starts at Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity fundraiser.

Their inebriated recollections are reenacted by a couple of their friends, running through the details their drunken minds can remember, like bow ties and Instagram comments. And the video itself has some very high production values, which helps with the whole enjoyment of it all.

If you're wondering why the hell they decided to do it in the first place, other than for the sheer decadence factor, they explain:

We didn't want to waste time at the wedding reception having to answer the question "how did you two meet?", so with the help of a few friends and a lot of booze we made this video to show at the rehearsal dinner. Enjoy! (WARNING: a few f-bombs from my drunken bride, delicate ears beware).


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