Low Or Absolute Lowest? Prankster Sam Pepper Pretends To Murder Teen In Front Of Best Friend

Wow. As pranks go pretending that someone is getting murdered while their best friend watches terrified and screaming is not very funny at all. That's what YouTuber Sam Pepper has done for his latest stunt which has been met with pretty much universal disgust and alarm.

Pepper sets up a guy called Sam who thinks he sees his best friend Colby murdered in cold blood. After staging a car jacking Sam is taken with a black sack placed over his head. When it's taken off (with Sam tied to a chair and his friend knelling on the floor, ISIS style) a masked man is holding a gun to his friend's head.

After he pleads for the gunman to leave them alone, the gunman turns to what Sam believes is Colby and shoots him in the head at point blank range.

Then, unsurprisingly, Sam goes into complete meltdown. It makes for grim viewing, and you kind of hope deep down that it's all been staged. But Sam's emotion seems too visceral. Even that or he's a great actor.

Of course, people took to twitter to vent their outrage, disgust, and disbelief.

Even Anonymous have got involved, threatening Pepper unless he takes the video down within 24 hours, and there's also a petition to get him kicked off of YouTube.

But Sam, the guy who was involved in the prank, has tweeted defending Pepper's stunt.

No doubt the controversy, like so many others online, will blow over. And Pepper will come away with publicity and a YouTube video that has over two million views and counting.

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