These Parkour Stunts On Moving Cars Are Absolutely Insane—And Incredibly Dangerous

Parkour is a difficult sport to master at the best of times, and while some people can take it to new heights (quite literally), the guys in this compilation go to new levels of crazy.

Witness, with your jaw on the floor, them leaping and jumping about on moving cars. For instance, jumping through the sunroof while the car is moving and into the driver's seat. Or skating along a wall, as you do.

Or, most insane of all (and seriously kids, NEVER attempt this, even when you are all grown up), jumping off a moving car onto a tightrope. You'll feel your heart skip a beat or ten as the guy precariously lands on the wire and then somehow manages to catch his balance.

Who just are these maniacs? Well an assortment of talent (not all of them from a a parkour background) - Meet William Spencer, Alex Duong, Daniel Ilabaca, Josh Yadon, and Bart Baker.

All clips in this video were taken from the short film, Midnight Mayhem (below):

There's an interview with the guys under the YouTube video, here's some snippets of it. You can check it out in full here.

I've seen lots of parkour videos, but never on moving cars before. How did you guys get the idea to do this?
Yeah, you usually don't see people jumping onto moving targets. I think it's like archery. People were shooting at normal targets, and then someone comes along and gets the idea to shoot at moving targets, like clay pigeons. It's the same thing here, except we're launching our bodies at moving targets now.

How long did it take for you guys to come up with the stunts?
We actually only had a few days to rehearse, so I'm glad it all came together. Because all this stuff was so experimental, it was a pretty difficult process - you can't really build on the stunts you've done before. And you have to make split second decisions when you have a moving target. But some of these ideas, we've had brewing in the back of our minds for years.

Which stunts had you been thinking about for years?
The wall riding one - the one with the skateboard. Will [Spencer] was the stunt double for Spider Man and he wanted to do it for that movie, but they just couldn't work it into the story. So he's had this idea for years, in the back of his mind. Finally we got to do it here. A lot of our ideas are just waiting to find a home.

How fast were the cars going?
It depends on the stunt. Like the skateboard one, the car was going really fast for that one, faster than I could run. Up to 20 MPH for some of the stunts. The cars held up, too. Just because of what we were doing, we thought we were going to damage them, but the Fiats were insanely durable.

Which stunt was the most dangerous?
Definitely the tightrope one. There were so many things that had to go exactly right. The two cars had to go at exactly the same speed at exactly the perfect distance from each other, otherwise the tightrope wouldn't have the right tension. Then it would drop to the ground and Will [Spencer] would hit moving pavement. If you've ever jumped out of moving car that's moving slowly even, it's pretty easy to get taken by the force.

And finally some pics, you have to have pics. Always.


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