Fat Girl's Tinder Date Prank (Social Experiment) Shows Just How Superficial Some Guys Can Be

It's time to hide behind your shame guys as this has got to be one of the most revealing Tinder pranks ever carried out by the people over at Simple Pickup confirms what some of us already knew, that men are fickle creatures who go for looks above all else when looking for someone to hook up with on Tinder.

At least that's what it begins to look like as the the guys in this 'social experiment' react pretty appallingly anyway, after this woman’s profile picture of a skinny blonde was somewhat 'different' to the skinny-blonde-in-a-fat-suit that turned up for the date.

The prankster, Sara, set the trap by posting dozens of pictures of herself looking slim, which obviously attracted plenty of 'swipe rights'.


Next up was the arrangement of meeting up with some of the guys that she'd met through the app for a date, i can only assume that expectations were high amongst the victims she was about to meet.

However, when she turned up to the dates Sara was ever-so-slightly 'larger' than they were expecting. Ok, a hell of a lot larger.

The 24-year-old arrived wearing an enormous fat suit, just to see what kind of reactions it would invoke from each of her potential beaus.


What follows is some of the most shameful behavior by all (but one) of the men who have no idea about how to react, they are all pretty shocked when they see the person sitting before them. Most leave, with one even accusing her fairly aggressively of ‘lying’. One even pulls the ‘I’m going to the bathroom’ routine – and never comes back. Are we all really like this guys?

For the one who stayed (i mean he's probably thinking to himself, "F#ck it I’ll stay and have some lunch, it's not like i have to marry her.) his reward was the big reveal. But the mystery is, what happened after?


So the question is, does this experiment show that most guys aren’t attracted to fat girls?

Or would you be pissed off if the person you were meeting had completely misrepresented themselves and were basically liars? And should somebody be shamed for having a VERY F#CKING REASONABLE preference? It's food for thought (and a chance for us guys to reclaim some of our honor).

But, just to add salt to our already wounded pride the same group did a similar experiment with a guy in a fat suit arranging dates with women on Tinder and the results in the video below show that girls reacted quite differently. Damn.

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