Kevin The Cat Is Permanently Surprised - He's Both Blind And Deaf But Totally Adorable

Kevin the cat has a permanent look of surprise on his face and having such a unique expression has made him an internet favorite. The reason he looks so startled is because he has a condition called hydrocephalus, meaning he has an excessive amount of cerebrospinal fluid on his brain which has made him partially deaf and blind.

But that hasn't stopped him from finding a loving home and leading a happy life. The Russian Blue cat was discovered in a car park when he was around four weeks old and taken to an animal clinic. Initially it was thought he wouldn't live long, six months was the initial thinking because of his condition, but now he's four years old.

“His outlook when he first arrived at the clinic was not good at all,” his owner told Bored Panda. “The first night I brought him home and tried him on solids, he would peck at the food so hard that he would literally bang his head on the floor.”

It's thought because of his condition he would be prone to seizures but so far he hasn't had one. He does have some stipulations though, like he can't go outdoors on his own and roam freely. But he does have his own enclosed balcony and a courtyard to explore, which he loves.

"If you met this little bundle in real life, you would see what we all see. A funny, happy, silly, loving little cat!" his owner told LoveMeow.

You can check out some images of Kevin below. And head to @theadventuresofkev on Instagram for more.

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kevin the cat 02.
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