The Best Fails Of January 2016 Show Some People Had A Much Worse Start To The Year Than You

The month of January is done and dusted for another year and for a lot of people that's good news, because January is notorious for being a total scumbag of a month. Scumbag January.

But however terrible, frustrating or just mildly annoying 2016 started for you, just be grateful you didn't end up in a fail compilation from FailArmy, featuring the month's best displays of idiocy.

Sometimes it a case for the unfortunate victim of being in the 'wrong place at the wrong time', but fortunately for people like us who love laughing at other people's misfortune it's more like 'right place at the right time.'

That's exactly what's happened to the unlucky—yet highly entertaining in their fails—people in this video, who not only had to suffer what always seems like aeons until payday after the Christmas break, but they also had to suffer a surfboard to the face.

Or suffer the humiliation of knocking themselves out on a half-open garage door while wearing skates. Or the utter indecency of being owned by a kite.

It kind of makes you glad to see the back of January 2016, and onwards to the rest of the year. So long Jan, let's hope February is much better for everyone.

As one YouTuber commented, "Fail Army further proves yet again with this video that evolution is still alive by weeding out the genetic dead ends through people failing." - Amen to that brother.


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