#MemeHistory Is Education Internet Style And The Best Way To Learn About The Past

History is vast and manifold and learning about it can be daunting. Sure we now have Google and Wikipedia to help us but retaining all that information can be hard. There must be an easier and more effective way to explain history to generation meme. How about memes?

#MemeHistory is the hashtag that has been explaining some of the most important and momentous occasions in history by using, you guessed it, memes. OK so it might not have the weighty analysis of an Harvard-educated historian, but it's definitely funny.

It all started when twitter user @TylerIAm pondered how Powerpoint presentations could now be vastly improved with the inclusion of all the memes flying around after he came across a meme used in a teacher’s presentation on Adolf Hitler.

And from that people began explaining Germany–Russia relations during WWII using Lenny from The Simpsons, or seminal moments in the civil rights movement using Beyonce.

It was glorious. Here's some of what people were posting.

Consider yourself schooled.

This is how it all started.

Mark this moment - on this day #MemeHistory was born.

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