Social Media Fail Of The Day: Memphis News Station Accidently Tweets Link To Adult Website

There are two things that are inevitable (after death and taxes) - 1/ It's a fact of nature that someone, somewhere is going to be having a bad day - and 2/ It's pretty clear by now that one of the best things about corporations joining twitter is when they mess up.

The latest company to do this is WREG News Channel 3, who accidentally tweeted a link to Pornhub (an NSFW adult website) when tweeting about their interactive radar for tracking the weather.

The link was obviously deleted quite promptly but not before the damage was done and it was screengrabbed (and of course posted) by a helpful web user (thx whoever you are buddy!).


The Pornhib link was for a user called Rockbone (or maybe Rockboner?), so naturally Twitter started a #rockbone hashtag to ridicule the news station and their blunder, who seemed to blame the error on hackers. Because of course they did.

They tried to crawl back some cred by tweeting a link to a charity and asking users to donate. But it was too late.

Naturally Pornhub responded with an obligatory tweet to the station.

And here's some of the funniest twitter responses.

Maybe next time, don't view porn at work. #protip

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