Paris Attacks: Journalist Is Mocked After Tweeting Picture Of A Dog With #SadnessInHisEyes

Like many people after hearing about the truly awful events that took place in Paris last Friday, where callous terrorists killed 129 people out enjoying themselves at bars, cafes, restaurants, and a rock concert, Kay Burley took to twitter to express her sympathies using the hashtag #ParisAttacks

Except, unlike many people, the British Sky News journalist tweeted a misjudged picture of a dog with "sadness in his eyes." No doubt she wanted to convey the sorrow most people were feeling for those affected by the tragic events. Or maybe she just liked sad dogs, who knows?

And also, in her defence, as a journalist on the scene reporting for a 24 hour news channel she was probably feeling tired and emotional herself. And maybe felt empathy seeing a dog with sad eyes?

Whatever her intentions were, the tweet didn't really strike the right cord with people, who thought she might be trivializing what people were feeling by tweeting a picture of a dog to sum up the mood.

Here's the tweet.

Of course it didn't take very long before people started responding to it, by instantly mocking it.

Maybe it hit a chord to relax from all the harrowing news that people had been subjected to and before long a meme was born and the hashtag #SadnessInHisEyes had taken off and started trending, with people posting various animals and objects looking sad.

It nothing else it gave people a small amount of laughter in a weekend full of tragedy and horror.

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