Teen Gets Fired From Job At Pizza Parlour Before She Even Started, All Because Of A Tweet

Here's a valuable lesson in how not to use twitter when it comes to starting a new job. A Texan teen with the twitter handle Cella was starting a new job for a pizza delivery company.

Now, we've all had jobs in our teens that we don't exactly look forward to, but it brings in a bit of money so you suck it up.

Not Cella. Cella decided to tweet her contempt for her new employment, no doubt forgetting that twitter is a public forum where anyone can see what you write.


Unfortunately for her, her boss saw the tweet when a co-oworker screen-grabbed it and sent it to him (snitch), and the boss promptly fired her.

Cella seems to have seen the funny side though.

Her boss says he never uses twitter, but came out of his cave to fire a worker. Which was nice of him.


But now he seems to have closed down his account entirely, as his twitter handle no longer works. Meanwhile people on twitter found it hard to comprehend why someone was getting fired for a tweet.

And if you look at Cella's feed right now, it's full of retweets of people from across the globe congratulating her on being famous.

Cella's feed, awash with these rewteets that reveal the fact the story made so many international publications, is no doubt a damning indictment on the frivolous and disposable nature of the modern media landscape.

But hey, let's not lose sight of the real issue here. Like, when is she going to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

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