If Someone Ever Says 'You Throw Like a Girl', Show them Michelle Roque's Awesome Trick Shot Video

When someone says you throw like a girl it's meant to be an insult, but Michelle Roque is showing that such sexism doesn't wash these days. The FSU sorority girl displays some serious skills in this trickshot video, where she can throw a football as good as any guy can. Better, even.

The Florida State Delta Gamma has already shown off her football prowess on the field, with her insane run in the finals of the annual Beta Theta Pi flag football tournament fundraiser (see below).

Not satisfied with owning it on the pitch, she's now owning it in the world of trickshots too. In the video she throws perfect 40-yard spirals, catches one-handed like a boss, has accuracy that would make any college player envious, and kicks home field goals from 40 yards out like it's not a big deal. All seriously impressive.

All with such ease that it's like she's hardly even trying.

But she obviously she puts in TONS of practice, so much that she just makes it look so effortless. It's won her plenty of followers online, plenty of views, and hopefully the internet will be seeing plenty more of her skills.

So next time someone tells you that you throw like a girl, don't get offended, just show them this video and thank them for the compliment. That'll definitely wipe the smug smile from their face.

Here's that great run from the fundraiser match.

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