A Sex Shop's Nativity Scene Window Display (With Dildos) Is Causing Quite A Bit Of Upset In Spain

There are many variations on the traditional festive nativity scene, and one such variation is causing quite a bit of controversy in Spain. And, well, it's not hard to see why because this particular nativity features the Virgin Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus painted onto ceramic dildos (see video above--in Spanish).

They're part of a window display for Spanish sex shop Non Sit Peccatum. The owner of the store Hector Valdivielso commissioned local sculptor and ceramicist Ernesto Yáñez to create the pieces. Then, once he had all the figures he set them out in a nativity scene.

According to the store's Facebook page (a translation of it anyway) Valdivielso has been putting his quirky ceramic nativity scenes in the window for the last three yeas. But this year people have taken particular offensive.

"This year, the pieces have returned to be placed in the window," the Facebook post notes. "But the response has been quite different, in getting the store multitude of complaints, verbal, painted on the labels and even an attempted assault in which had to intervene the police national."

The post goes on to say that people affiliated with religious groups are organizing a campaign of harassment. The group are called the Children of the Virgin Mary and are organizing a boycott of the store. The shop's sign has also been vandalized and a man with his wife told Valdivielso to remove it or he would remove it himself.

People offended by the display have also come to the store to stand outside and harass customers. "It was affecting my business," explained Valdivielso. "Who wants to come to a store like this to hear a sermon?".

So to address this dissatisfaction Valdivielso removed the display and instead left a poster in its place. It asked people to vote on whether the display should be reinstated or kept away. And, the results are in.

Out of the 988 people who responded a huge majority of 78.5 percent voted for its return. "People asked me not to give in to blackmail," Valdivielso said. "So it’s going back in the window".


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