Payback's A Biatch - A Nerd Exacts Revenge On His Bullies Using A Pair Of Supernatural Hulk Hands

The classic high school trope of the bullied nerd and the tormenting jock is given a little twist in short film The Incredible Hulk Hands by Ari Fararooy.

The nerd, or "turd nugget" as the bullies like to call him, stands no chance against four burly jocks—that is until he chances upon a pair of toy Hulk hands.

But these toy Hulk hands aren't your ordinary toy Hulk hands, they possess supernatural powers.

The power of the Hulk! Meaning our nerd can exact cartoonishly OTT revenge on his bullies using his super -strength, overly-large green appendages. Hulk smash, etc, etc.

It's a great short and featurs the acting talents of comedy teams The Jasons and Momma Outta Bullets.

Ari Fararooy is a director // editor // vfx artist // photographer working out of Los Angeles.


via Tastefully Offensive

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